Crispy Kaos

The alternative use of everyday materials prompts you to view the world differently.

The way that Crispy Kaos treats industrial materials and transforms them into eye-catching wearable accessories is a never-ending surprise. Cable covers turn into colourful necklaces, wall plugs become earrings, springs and gaskets evolve into minimal rings and bracelets.

Within this crispy chaos, the circumstances are just right for the most unusual matches, with no compromises regarding the origin of the material or the style of the end result. Women looking for elegant and unusual items, men recognizing the raw materials in their tool case and children enchanted by hidden tricks are all attracted by the unconventional universe of Crispy Kaos.

You lay eyes on a creation, you expect it to be heavy and then you pick it up and it is light as feather; you try to figure out how to unbutton it when the only thing you need to do is pull its magnet; you have the impression it will be sturdy until you squeeze it to realize how flexible it is! As what makes the difference after all, beyond aesthetics, is the experience of discovering the unexpected.